"Cigar Wrappers -  Colors  and Classifications"

Cigar wrappers come in a diverse  selection  of colors, from the light-colored of greens and yellows to dark black. There are seven basic color variations among wrappers, with a never ending number of shades between each color. A simple way to begin understanding the color nominations is to remember that the center color range of cigars is "Colorado".


Wrapper leaves vary in color due to the many methods for processing tobacco and the variety of tobacco strains used. Furthermore, sunlight is an extreme factor in the wrapper color. A Cigar wrapper grown in sunlight is typically darker than a shade-grown wrapper of an equivalent seed strain.


Is a dark-black wrapper, shade is achieved by leaving the leaves on the plant as long as possible, by using only the leaves from the top of the plant, and by fermenting them for an especially long time.



This shade can fluctuate from a profound ruddy cocoa to verging on dark. For maduros, leaves are either toasted in a pressure chamber or aged longer in above normal warmth. A maduro wrapper loans huge flavor to a cigar: it has a tendency to be gentle in fragrance, however to have powerful, sweet flavor.


Colorado Maduro

The best way to describe a "Colorado Maduro" will be a comparison between the "Colorado" and the "Maduro", this cigar wrapper is darker than "Colordado", but lighter than a "Maduro".


As mentioned above "Colorado" is the center color for cigar wrappers. These cigars are medium-brown to brownish-red and full flavored, though soft and subtle in their aroma. This wrappers are often shade grown in order to achieve this lighter color.


Colorado Claro

Light reddish-brown; often grown in direct sunlight, and given longer to mature before picking.


Claro / Connecticut

A light tan color, most generally accomplished by developing in shade under cheesecloth tents, picking the plants early and air-drying the takes off. Flavorwise, these wrappers have little to offer, and permit the kinds of the filler tobaccos to overwhelm the essence of the cigar.


Double Claro / Candela

This wrapper is light green, a hue created by a quick-drying process using heat that locks in the green chlorophyll of the tobacco.