"How to Calibrate an Analog or Digital Hygrometer"

"The Salt Test"

Analog Hygrometer

Digital Hygrometer

What is a Hygrometer?

A Hygrometer, is an apparatus that measures the moist content of the inside of a  Humidor. This way we can always have our precious cigars at optimum humid. The perfect humidity level to preserve the richness of the cigars is 70%.

Items needed :

Ziploc Bag


Water Bottle Cap

Analog Hygrometer

Digital Hygrometer

Water Bottle

Follow these steps:


#1. Fill the water bottle cap with table salt, and add water until all the salt is wet. (do not put a lot of water)(see image below).









#2. Place the water bottle cap inside the Ziploc bag, and place the Hygrometer in the Ziploc bag with the water bottle cap. Seal the Ziploc bag, keeping a little air inside.























#3. Let the Ziploc bag close with the items inside for 12 hours, this will allow the salt with the water to acclimate to 75% humidity.  After the 12 hours have passed, look at the Hygrometer if it reads anything but 75%,  adjust it to 75%.

Hygrometer Problems?


Frequently, a hygrometer might read a lower % of humidity, however it's not by any means that low. Before hurling it in the trash, check the following 6 steps:


#1. Make a point to revive the humidification gadget frequently by refilling with refined water.


#2. Adjust the hygrometer so it will read all the more precisely.


#3. Take out the stogies, wipe down the inside cedar, let it dry and rehash, then set the stogies back in, this frequently does the work.


#4. Press test - in the middle of index finger and thumb delicately crush the stogie, it ought to have a slight give, yet not be soft nor if it be hard.


#5. Certain atmospheres are drier than others. You might need to purchase an extra humidifier to put in your humidor.  (not touching the stogies) to expand the mugginess.


#6. Ensure it is not close to an AC or warmer, this will influence nature inside the humidor drastically. Humidor ought to be in a generally cool, dry spot.